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Silas Deane Pawn

Owners Denis and John with their employees Klejdi have built a solid reputation as Connecticut's most trusted Pawn Shop.

Silas Deane Pawn is committed to providing quality service to the community. They believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, paying less to there customers, Silas Deane Pawn believes that paying as much as possible for your items, a good reputation and consistent service will be the key to there success. By being trustworthy, Silas Deane Pawn believes that they will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community.

Each one of us have at one time or another experienced a need to purchase something, but it was not in our budget. One place to buy or sell great bargains you want without spending too much is at Silas Deane Pawn your Central Connecticut pawn shop.

A pawn shop is a place where individuals can exchange items for cash. There is a period of time that the items are kept in the pawn shop. Borrowers have to repay the amount they got for the items along with a percentage that will vary by the state and local laws. If any of you take your items to a pawn shop and do not return to pick them by the agreed date, then the owner of the pawn shop has the legal right to sell the items to anyone he wishes to. The items in Silas Deane Pawn Pawn shop will vary at any given time, you will want to frequent us often.

The majority of the items found at Silas Deane Pawn your Central Connecticut pawn shop are in a very good condition. Most of the individuals who take their items into a pawn shop are in need of money so they trade in items they generally would have been using for the cash they need. While many people do return to pick up their items, there is a high percent that just don't have the money to do so. Others have no intention from the moment they step into the pawn shop to return to pick up the items they brought in.